Personalized Libraries

Just Right Reading - Guaranteed

LightSail’s library is designed to scale to meet the needs of every reader and curriculum. Our starter library of 6,000 assessed titles is included to get your digital ELA program off the ground. From there, we’ll help you build a “just-right” digital library for your school, your district, and your classrooms.  With access to more than 4,500 assessed texts from all the best publishers across all topics and genres, LightSail can ensure that all students, regardless of interest or level, will have something great to read.

After taking an initial adaptive assessment, LightSail presents these texts to a student in their own personalized library, differentiated based on their own reading level.

As students peruse the library, they’ll see books marked with small green lightning bolts, which are called Power Texts. These books are within that student’s current zone of proximal development and will foster more rapid reading growth. Power Texts are just one way that LightSail personalizes the reading experience to make students more powerful readers.

Students can also find books by the topics or genres they’re interested in. As a student reads and takes LightSail’s in-text assessments, her library adapts based on her newly calibrated Lexile measures and new Power Texts are featured.  LightSail libraries are designed to actively promote the reading practices that will best foster growth.

LightSail's Curated Libraries

LightSail brings access to more than 4,500 assessed titles and comes preloaded with free started libraries (by grade and Lexile) to get your school or district's digital program off the round.

Only LightSail offers the titles that kids want to read, and teachers want to teach

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